Terms of Service

Please read.

We are asking you to look over the equipment you are renting to make known to us if there is any severe damage or something unusual that you want to draw to our attention. (nicks and scratches are not severe damage) 808-482-0749 please call immediately.

  • Sit and watch waves and ocean activity for a few minutes before you go out in the water to surf. See how others are doing and how the ocean is acting.
  • Choose a land mark while out in the ocean and come back there. Others might think “oh that is his (her) area and there might form some order. Don’t go back out through the others riding in. Go around and out.
  • To stop a board quickly sit down on it.
  • If you are heading for someone do not look at them. Where you look is where you go.
  • Hanalei Bay is shallow. Not diving head first or jumping straight legged. No leaping.
  • For stand up paddlers find your own area for quite awhile because you will be falling more and your board is bigger and also your paddle can hit someone also.
  • Watch the wind. In the ocean stay well on the inside especially on windy days. If having a hard time with the wind go to knees to paddle or lay on paddle and paddle like a regular board. In the ocean stay where you can touch bottom until you are comfortable.
  • In the river stay in the deeper middle of the river. There may be rocks along sides and river mouth area.
  • Do not stand on the boards on the ground they will snap like a cracker.
  • Do not sit on the boards as a rock or coral can poke a hole in the bottom of the board.
  • Jump off your board as you finish ride before the shallow area. Nose diving will snap board.
  • No pearl diving where your front end is too heavy on the board. You have to lift up the front of your body or kneel or stand up or you will pearl dive and can snap the nose end.
  • Do not drop the boards or the rails will crack.
  • Stand up paddles can break by people falling on them.
  • Stand up paddles can break by using them backwards. Have our numbers to your body and have the logo facing out. Put your paddle all the way in the water.

It can happen. No one knows when. People realize all of a sudden they are in an out of their league area or they are trying to advance and both of these situations can end with a broken board. If your family or friends break equipment you are the responsible party
SOFT TOP BOARDS can not be repaired. If they buckle they are broken.

HARD BOARDS can be repaired. They will have a scar which makes that area stronger then weaker. They will be off the rack for a week or two.

Approximate replacement prices:
Soft Tops: $300.00 to $500.00.
SUP: $600.00 to $700.00
Hard: $400.00 to $700.00 (Repair Buckle: approx. $150.00)
Ding Repair: approx. $40.00
Lost or Broken Fin: $40.00
SU Paddle: $150.00

• Do not rent our equipment if you can not pay if you break the equipment.

• Credit card with expiration date, 3 digit security number and Postal Code required.
• Waiver and responsibility form must be signed at time of rental.

Thank you for your time to read this information. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Hawaiian Surfing Adventures Crew 808-482-0749