Hawaii both benefits and relies on travelers to fuel our businesses. We need visitors and residents to use our services. One issue that travelers often have, is selling their used gear here. When trying to get onto a plane, the last thing one should be worried about is selling some new surf gear. As residents, Kauai boasts an abundance of used surfboards. Many visitors buy a new board at full price, only to turn around and sell it days later for a fraction of the original value.

Even for the resident, it’s best for people to try a new type of board before buying. It’s also a good idea to speak with a Kauai local before hitting the lineup.

In this post, we are going to talk about a few things but it all boils down to connecting with others before getting starting surfing in Kauai. Here are my reasons.

You Need to Know the Surfing Etiquette in the Places You Surf

People surf all over the world. With every community comes a unique surfing culture. Every community has unique values and systems. Even an experienced surfer will need to learn what the cultural expectations are at every lineup. A misunderstanding in the water can really work against having an enjoyable surfing session.

Renting a board is a great opportunity to pick the brain of a locally seasoned surfer. When renting, ask about the local surf culture. Tell them about your experience level. They will not only tell you what gear is best for you, but they can also help you make sure you don’t see yourself in a confrontational situation.

You Need to Use Surfing Gear that Suits You

Surfing can be fun but it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Surfing is physically demanding. Every aspiring surfer will have unique challenges and strengths. An experienced instructor can help newer surfers navigate a strategy to get them surfing more quickly than could be expected alone.

Maybe you need a little more acceleration in the form of a push. Maybe you need a bigger board. A surfing instructor will help you figure out the details.

Renting is great for figuring out what type of board will suit you.

You Need to Surf Within Your Skill Level

The greatest dangers for an aspiring surfer occur when not adequately considering safety concerns. Ocean conditions can be unpredictable. Live guards try their best to post adequate signage, and speak to beachgoers about the dangers that come with surfing. It’s a big job keeping the beach safe. To compound the issues, some of the more popular surfing spots may not have lifeguards available.

It may be the best choice to hire a professional surf instructor. Having a local CPR certified and experienced watermen or water women on hand will give peace of mind to your experience. They will not only prevent a disaster, but they will also ensure that the learning surfers experience a minimal amount of unease while learning Hawaii’s favorite sport.

Mahalo for Reading

Thank you for checking out our blog. Come say hello to us at the beach. We are a large family composed mainly of Native Hawaiians. We have been surfing off Hanalei beach for many generations. Aloha.